Vehicle Trailers

Vehicle trailers are essential for transporting vehicles of all types from cars to boats to ATVs and everything in between. Marine and powersports vehicle trailers take your toys where you want to use them, while car haulers and motorcycle trailers are great for transporting your vehicles to and from car shows, bike weeks, vacations and even repairs.


The most popular form of a vehicle trailer is a car hauler, which can come in many shapes and sizes. Some are open car haulers while others are enclosed car haulers. If you have multiple cars to transport, you may consider a stacker trailer. Tilt deck car trailers make loading and unloading even easier, while a tow dolly is a great option for those who need a quick and easy fix or a way to bring a car behind an RV.

Motorcycle enthusiasts often invest in motorcycle trailers to transport them on a longer drive to a destination where they want to ride their bike. For those who own marine craft, boat trailers and jet ski trailers are a must. It’s the only way to get your boat or jet ski from the dealership to the waves or from one body of water to the next.

Powersports vehicle owners often invest in vehicle trailers for the toys of their choice. An ATV trailer gets your ATV up to the trailhead where you want to ride, and a snowmobile trailer can weather the terrain so you can hit the powder.

We carry a variety of used vehicle trailers and new vehicle trailers at TrailersUSA from popular manufacturers like Freedom Trailers, Aluma, and Stealth. Check out the categories below to get started!

Get your ATV to and from your outdoors adventures using an ATV trailer. These trailers are built with easily loading and unloading your all-terrain vehicle in mind.
The only way to get your boat from one body of water to the next is with a boat trailer. Finding the right boat trailer for your watercraft is an essential part of owning a boat.
Car haulers, or car trailers, are open or enclosed trailers used to transport passenger vehicles. They come equipped with ramps to load and unload your vehicle.
Safely get your jet ski in and out of the water with a jet ski trailer. These smaller trailers are perfect for personal watercraft like Sea Doos and Waverunners.
Motorcycle trailers keep your bike safe and secure for travel to destinations and repairs. Choose from open motorcycle trailers or enclosed motorcycle trailers based on your needs.
Snowmobile trailers are designed to get your snowmobile in and out of the terrain they’re best in. They’re typically equipped with angled ramps so you can drive in and drive out.
Stacker trailers allow you to haul multiple vehicles without the length of traditional multi-car trailers. Each vehicle is stacked in an over/under configuration.
A tow dolly provides an easy way to tow a vehicle by supporting the front two wheels. With this configuration, the rear wheels of the vehicle you’re towing remain on the ground.
Rather than using a ramp, tilt deck car trailers use a hydraulics system to tilt the entire bed for ease of loading and unloading vehicles.