Flatbed / Equipment Trailers

Flatbed/Equipment trailers come in a variety of different trailer types. These trailers come in every shape and size and have many different purposes. There are many different subsets of flatbed/equipment trailers that can help you carry the right kind of load.


Depending on the load you may be hauling will help you decide which trailer type is right for you. Flatbed or flatdeck trailers are your basic open air trailers that can carry a multitude of different loads. Deckover trailers are similar to flatbeds, but the wheels are underneath the bed of the trailer in order to maximize the loading width. Step-deck trailers maximize the loading height by having a second level that's lower to the ground. Tilt deck trailers tilt into a ramp so that you can easily load and unload vehicles.

Dump trailers have a similar tilting feature but are equipped with open-top containers that can empty loads of gravel, dirt or mulch out of the back. Equipment trailers are made for hauling heavy machinery and have built-in wheel ramps.

To find the flatbed/equipment trailer that fits your needs, get started by checking out the categories below.

Deckover trailers are flatbeds with the wheels underneath the bed so you can maximize your load capacity. There no railings or wheel wells to contend with so you can carry heavier, wider loads.
A dump trailer, or “gravel trailer,” has a container on the bed that lifts at an angle to empty its contents. These types of trailers are great for moving dirt, gravel, mulch and more.
Equipment trailers are usually outfitted with a dovetail so you can load and unload heavy machinery and construction equipment. They’re commonly used for transporting things like forklifts and backhoes.
Flatbed trailers, or flatdeck trailers, are open on all sides with a level bed for hauling your load. They’re one of the most common and affordable trailer types out there and can be used for many purposes, including carrying small equipment, ATVs or cars.
A variety of a gooseneck flatbed trailer, the hotshot trailer allows you to transport a small to medium sized load - perfect for LTL shipping.
Maximize your ability to haul tall loads with a step deck trailer. These trailers have a step down to a lower level so you can stack the bed higher.
The entire bed of this type of flatbed trailer raises at an angle so that you can easily load and unload cars, machinery and other vehicles.