Horse / Livestock Trailers

For those who own farms, work in the agricultural industry or show horses, horse trailers and livestock trailers are essential. These types of trailers are specially built to keep cattle, horses, pigs and other livestock safe and comfortable as you transport them from one location to another. They feature slats on the sides for air circulation on the go and sometimes have dividers to separate animals or groups of animals.


Livestock trailers, or stock trailers, are usually the more simplistic of the two types of animal hauling trailers. These are often empty inside or have only simple partitions for maximum loading. Some even use livestock trailers for hauling horses as well.

What sets horse trailers apart is the way they are designed with horses in mind. They are usually taller than livestock trailers to accommodate your horse’s height and sometimes have windows instead of open slats. They can be straight load or slant load, which allows you to load more horses into your trailer. Some have step decks and others have ramps, which you can choose from based on the temperament of your horse.

GR, EBY and Platinum Coach are some of our most popular livestock trailer manufacturers. Platinum Coach’s horse trailers are popular as well, and we also carry brands like Adam, Hawk Trailers and Bee Trailers. Check out the categories below to get started!

Livestock trailers, or stock trailers, are designed to transport animals such as cattle and pigs. They can sometimes be multi-level or have loading ramps and typically feature slats for breathability so farm animals can travel in comfort and safety.
Horse trailers are built to keep your horse safe and comfortable as you travel. Some even feature living quarters similar to an RV as you accompany your equine companions.