Truck Body

A truck body is a replacement bed for pickup trucks that equip them for more specialized, heavy-duty work. Purchasing and installing a truck body essentially turns your existing truck into a work truck. They can come in many different shapes and sizes and are frequently used in a variety of industries, including contracting, power, hotshot trucking, farming, welding, oil and more.


The benefit of converting your vehicle into a work truck with a truck body is that you don't have to worry about the maneuverability of a trailer: your truck body can go wherever your truck can go. The most common and versatile version is a flat bed body. Instead of towing an entire flat bed trailer behind your truck, your truck bed becomes the flat bed. Because you don't have to battle with sides to the bed, this allows you to haul wider and more unusually shaped loads without restrictions. A service body, on the other hand, does have sides, but it turns those sides into useful storage compartments to house everything you need for your next job. If you're looking for something a little more customized, check out our other truck bed bodies section, where you can find a selection of specialty truck bodies for unique uses.

The right truck body can help a farmer haul large hay bales and feed, provide contractors with a way to bring supplies to job sites or house tools for welders and power supply companies. You can sometimes find a specialty truck body for your specific line of work, such as one for hot shot trucking that allows you to tow more at a faster pace or one that's shaped with a recess for a welding machine. Whatever your needs, we're here to pair you with the perfect truck body.

Check out the categories below to get started!

A dump body lets you easily unload the cargo that you are hauling on your work truck. Functioning a lot like a dump trailer, the dump body will allow you to use gravity to dump your payload.
A flat bed body allows you to convert your pickup into a work truck by replacing the bed with a heavy-duty flat bed. With this, you can haul heavier and wider loads.
Our other truck bed bodies are unique truck bodies that don’t fall into the flat bed or service category. They’re often outfitted for work in specific industries.
A service body allows you to convert your pickup into a work truck by replacing the bed with a combination of tool boxes to store essential gear for your line of work. These tool boxes can be configured a number of different ways and sometimes have racks on top for extra storage.