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Stacker trailers are a variety of car haulers that allow you to stack cars on top of each other. If you’re hauling more than one car, having the cars arranged in an over/under configuration makes it easier to tow than a longer trailer. These types of trailers have a lift inside the trailer to raise one car to the second level so you can load the next car. They’re popular with car enthusiasts and race car drivers.


While you can find some open stacker trailers, enclosed stacker trailers are more common. This keeps your vehicles more safe and secure while also protecting them (and the mechanical elements of the lift) from sun, wind and rain. Some even have lighting, storage or workspaces inside as well. Many of these trailers come with a bumper pull hitch, but gooseneck hitches can typically carry a more heavy duty load.

Stacker trailers are the right choice for anyone looking to tow multiple cars without the difficulty of a longer trailer. If you’re looking for a more standard way to tow your car, check out our selection of car haulers. For those who prefer a simplified load and unload method, a tilt deck car trailer may be right for you. Find the right trailer for your needs by checking out our selection of new and used stacker trailers today.

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