Cargo / Concession Trailers

Cargo trailers and concession trailers are versatile trailers that are great for business owners who need to safely and securely transport equipment or sell goods. These are covered trailers that will protect your gear from the elements and can be locked to further secure what’s inside.


The difference between the two is that while a cargo trailer usually has just one lockable door, a concession trailer has one or more gull-wing doors that can be propped open so you can take orders from your customers. Concession trailers often come equipped with refrigeration and cooking equipment to make preparing and selling your concessions even easier.

A smaller variation of these types of trailers is a vending cart, which is covered, not enclosed, and is also used for serving food. Vending carts are great for single item sales such as hot dogs, burgers, cotton candy or lemonade.

Cargo trailers are popular for businesses who need to carry valuable gear from one place to the next, such as DJs, bands, home renovation companies, mobile pet groomers and hobbyists transporting equipment to shows. They can also be used as mobile storage units. Concession trailers are popular for little league and high school sports games, food truck rallies, fairs and merchandise sales at concerts and events.

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A cargo trailer is a versatile enclosed trailer that can transport anything from business equipment to furniture. They protect your goods from the elements and can be locked up for extra security.
Concessions trailers are essentially portable kitchens. These enclosed trailers are usually equipped with built-in cooking and refrigeration and have gull-wing doors for taking orders.
Concession trailers and vending carts are perfect for selling food and merchandise at events. These trailers allow you to bring your business straight to your customers at events like fairs, food truck rallies and sporting events. Concession trailers are enclosed with walk-up service windows and often have built-in cooking and refrigeration. Vending carts are a smaller version that is perfect for single serve items like popcorn, lemonade, or hot dogs.