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A low boy trailer is a variety of flatbed trailer built to carry heavy loads. While drop deck trailers have a second level that sits lower than the other part of the bed, low boy trailers have a singular bed that’s far below standard heavy duty semi trailer height. They attach to the semi truck with a gooseneck shaped hitch. Low boy trailers are built to carry heavy cargo, sometimes up to 55,000 pounds. This can include construction equipment, military equipment, forklifts, transformers and other oversized items.


Because of the heavy loads they’re designed to carry, they’re constructed from heavy gauge steel and can weigh up to 12,000 pounds on their own. They usually have 3 or more axles to distribute the weight of the heavy equipment they’re carrying.

Fontaine, Pitts, Kalyn Siebert, Talbert and Trail King are great places to start when searching for a low boy trailer. Find the right one for your heavy duty load by searching for new low boy trailers and used low boy trailers on TrailersUSA.

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