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2022 Miscellaneous CruiserLift Swivelwheel-58

Motorcycle Trailer for sale in Fort Myers, FL


Base Price 2350.00 + Freight

The ultimate single wheel transport system for your motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, go cart, etc. The Swivel Wheel Transport System is a new single wheel design “type” system, available for interfacing with selected tow vehicles and Fifth Wheel travel Trailers with a Class-III or Class-IV receiver hitch installed.

The Swivelwheel systems do not include the adverse effects of a bumper pull trailer, which is the ability to jack-knife when backing or fishtailing while driving. The Swivel wheel system will always track with the tow vehicle whether in the traveling mode or backing up. This is especially important when attached to a fifth wheel travel trailer. With other trailers, the second trailer must be disconnected prior to backing the fifth wheel trailer. If the circumstances are just right, this tends to be a major problem. When the fifth wheel trailer is backed up with the Swivel wheel system attached, the Swivel wheel system tracks in a straight line with the fifth wheel trailer. No need to remove the Swivel wheel system to back up.

There is a weight capacity of 1000 pounds with the Swivelwheel-58 (Single Wheel) systems. The Swivelwheel-58DW (Dual Wheel) system has a weight capacity of 1200 pounds. This is sufficient for transporting the majority of the large motorcycles on the market, as well as ATV’s, Electric & Gas Golf Cart, riding lawn equipment etc. There is a 600 pound weight capacity for the Swivelwheel-46 system. The Swivelwheel-ECO system has a capacity of 500 pounds.

The Swivelwheel systems incorporate one single swivel wheel assembly with torsion suspension designed by Fast Master Products, Inc. and manufactured to specification by a leading torsion suspension manufacturer. The wheel assembly is a 5.70-8, “D” Rated, 6-Ply, highway speed trailer tire. This tire has a load rating of 1075 pounds at 100 PSI cold inflation. With a system weight capacity of 1000 pounds, the tire will never see a 1075 pound load. Click on the following link for important information on Tire Safety (Highways Magazine) and the Recreational Vehicle Tire Guide (Michelin Tires).

The front deck height on all Swivelwheel systems is adjustable to accommodate the receiver height on the tow vehicle. The deck is 3/4? treated/painted plywood. These one wheel trailers are available for various transportation needs. A self locking wheel chock is available for motorcycle transportation.

Contrary to popular belief in some chat rooms, the Swivelwheel systems do not include the perceived caster flutter while driving down the road at any speed. The swivel assembly design was engineered to remove the (as we call it) shopping cart caster flutter syndrome. This is true with a loaded or empty deck, as well as at city or highway speeds. The systems also include an adjustable friction pad and rotor assembly to alleviate any chances of flutter in the caster assembly.

All Swivelwheel systems come standard with front removable jack stands with wheels for ease of moving around while disconnected from the tow vehicle.


It is up to the Swivelwheel system owner to evaluate the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. All Swivelwheel Transport Systems (except Swivelwheel-ECO Systems) utilize a Class-III or Class-IV receiver hitch that is installed onto the tow vehicle.

If the tow vehicle is to be a fifth wheel travel trailer, the trailer chassis frame needs to be evaluated for the capability of installing a Class-III or Class-IV receiver. The Chassis frame needs to be able to support the weight of the system plus any added loads. The Swivelwheel-46, Swivelwheel-58, and Swivelwheel-58DW systems will have about a 50/50 split. Installing the Swivelwheel system onto a chassis frame that does not have the capacity to handle said system could result in frame damage, slide-outs that no longer work, gel-coat cracking, etc.
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