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Other Trailers

This category is a catch-all for unconventional trailers that don’t quite fit in another classification. These specialty trailers include fuel trailers, recycling trailers and restroom trailers. The trailers in this category are often larger in size than utility trailers and cargo trailers but aren’t quite as industrial as heavy duty trailers. They are often purchased or rented by companies for business use.

Fuel trailers are used to store or transport different types of fuel and can carry up to 1,000 gallons of fuel depending on the size of the trailer. Recycling trailers are sometime used by businesses or by local programs to make recycling easier. These trailers have multiple openings and bins to separate different types of recyclable materials and can then be towed to empty at a recycling center. Restroom trailers are often rented for outdoors events such as weddings, concerts or sporting events. They provide guests with a cleaner, more private bathroom than typical porta-potties. You can choose ones that are accessible for those with disabilities or even restroom trailers with showers.

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Fuel trailers are used to carry diesel and oil fuel. They have tanks that are often round and can be filled with liquid so that larger amounts of fuel can be used at various locations.

Hay trailers are long and narrow trailers with railing specifically shaped to transport bales of hay. They are commonly used by ranchers or farmers in the agricultural industry.

Recycling trailers are divided into sections where each opening allows recyclable materials to be collected into a bin. This allows the trailers to be easily organized and transported to recycling centers.

Restroom trailers include toilets, sinks and sometimes showers and are used as mobile bathrooms for concerts and events. They provide a clean, private alternative to porta-potties.

The open-top bin on a roll-off trailer can be completely removed from the bed using a system of wheels and left at a jobsite. Companies often invest in more than one bin so they can use bins for materials or debris at multiple jobsites at a time.

Tanker trailers are large, cylindrical trailers designed to transport liquid products such as fuel, water and dairy.